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About us / Our brand

welcome to lightermind collective. created with love and pure intention. this brand was born from wanting to create a space of relaxation , serenity , warmth and bring you a lighter mind and a bit of light into your day.
Lightermind Collective was created in 2020 after a nationwide lockdown i started thinking about all that i love , believe in , enjoy and owning a store with handcrafted goodness by myself , other small business and stocking products that helped me on my own healing journey and working towards a lighter life & happier mind. I want to share that around. Candles have been for me something i always find worth indulging in. The therapeutic and relaxing nature of a candle in the background really has always put my mind at ease , or helped me concentrate , bringing me joy , warmth and beautiful scents into my home. 
My focus has and always will be to create beautiful candles that not only smell breathtaking but also look elegant and stunning in your space. All our candles are made with pure coconut/soy wax using the best fragrance oils. We use no additives / paraffins or setting agents in our candles. Our Candles also come infused with crystals.
The power of a candle in your space is already so relaxing and comforting why not add in healing properties to really bring you the greatest energy and confidence from your candle.If you believe in the healing properties of crystals or not if you're receiving something i hope it may it least help you find what your looking for. Ive always loved crystals for their healing properties and the energies they bring into my life. I have always thought if it is ever a far reach to believe in then i turn to the law of attraction which i believe in and wanting something enough , asking for it , putting in the work you will notice it more in your life. Candles and Crystals hold a lot of significance for me and we really appreciate your support & hope to bring some love and light into your space
We hope to spend 2021 adding new pieces to our store & one day run a store you can come to for all your wellness , spiritual & healing products. Thankyou for joining us on our journey towards lighter minds x
Olivia - Lightermind Collecive