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Whiskey in a Jar Mens Candle

Whiskey in a Jar Mens Candle

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Introducing ! Whiskey In a Jar !

If you’re into masculine smells or want to treat a bloke in your life to something delicious or just a lover of whiskey this is the candle for you. A Nice blend of tobacco , jacks tennesse whiskey , caramel & a splash of vanilla. A nice dark musky scent with a hint of savoury sweetness. 
But also very subtle and not too overpowering

Paired With Tigers Eye Crystal 🔥👁The meaning of Tigers Eye is self-confidence and inner strength.

Every Candle Sold i will be donating $4 to movember newzealand charity for mens mental health ✨🥰

Which Helps Harness Inner strength , stand a little taller , and stop self sabotaging. Instead of Hiding Tigers Eye helps bring self love & confidence to the surface and awaken motivation , Helps Hormones fall into alignment & Aids Seasonal Depression , unmotivation & helps uplift the weight of dark & dreary days.

The Reason i chose this stone was to help represent mens mental health & strength. It is so important for men to speak up & heal and look after themselves and not stay silent & “suck it up like a man” Hence why i have chosen the tigers eye to accompany this candle as it can help everyone who may be struggling with confidence , and unalignment.


In a Decadent Black glass tumbler which is absolutely stunning and compliments any house tones & perfect to reuse after. 
This Candle Burns for up to 40-60 Hours if looked after correctly. Dont forget to trim your wicks & burn to the rim on the first burn to create a memory for a nice even burn throughout your candle.